About us

Uni Visuals is founded by cameraman/producer Mark Sharman. His company Deep End Media Ltd. has been producing video content for universities, corporate companies and organisations in the public and private sector since 2006, with clients including Royal College of Nursing, Foundation Degree Forward, Cadbury and East Devon District Council.

Uni Visuals has a proven track record of working within the education sector with previous clients including the University of Bristol and Bournemouth University.  Most recently Uni Visuals has successfully delivered video projects for the University of Bristol Accommodation Office and School of Veterinary Science.

The use of cable dollies, tracking, film prime lenses, elevated crane shots and on screen custom-made graphics are used extensively in film and television to give a production a polished look with high production values.  Uni Visuals use these techniques to give our products an edge, which is achievable even with a modest budget.  We offer a professional look with well presented editorial content whilst maintaining great value for money.

Uni Visuals goes further by offering an after sales social media seeding service, to promote and help distribute commissioned videos so they are viewed and shared by their target audience. We aim to do more for you than just delivering a high quality product, we take responsibility to help achieve its maximum impact and reach the people it is intended for.