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Oakland Raiders Damontre Moore Must Mature Under Zero-Tolerance Leadership
The Oakland Raiders acquired defensive end Damontre Moore. He’s classified as a boom-or-bust pickup. What’s the risk in this latest roster addition? Is he worth the reward?
Who is Damontre Moore and what does he bring to the Oakland Raiders’ table?
For starters,cheap jerseys china, the talented pass-rusher earned the nickname “DaMonster” during his stay at Texas A&M. He stepped into the Aggies lineup as a premier pass-rusher after Von Miller’s departure to the pros.
As a draft prospect,wholesale jerseys free shipping, Moore earned first-round grades on pure talent but mid-round stock due to maturity issues.
Here’s an excerpt from a draft profile provided by in 2013:
Scouts stated they love Moore‘s motor as he plays balls to the wall for all 60 minutes. Thus,cheap jerseys, Moore is a tough evaluation because his effort on the field and off the field are completely different.
For Moore to pan out,wholesale nfl jersey, he will need to go to a good coaching staff and locker room that can provide him with guidance and leadership to force him to mature. Moore could play 3-4 outside linebacker or 4-3 defensive end in the NFL. If he goes to the latter,cheap jerseys from china, he should add 10-20 pounds of muscle to help him hold up at the point of attack.
Please keep this assessment in mind.
At 20 years old,2016 nike seattle seahawks jersey, the New York Giants drafted Moore with a third-round pick. He didn’t record a start in 42 games with the team but managed to log 8.5 sacks during his tenure.相关的主题文章:

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