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Instead he will coach for the Dolphins

Tennessee Titans News Links Let’s Dance!
The most exciting news ever was announced yesterday!!!!!….SHAWN JEFFERSON WILL NO LONGER COACH FOR THE TITANS! Instead he will coach for the Dolphins! I’m so happy! LET’S DANCE!
Yesterday the NFL owners meetings started in Houston. Who wasn’t there? Amy Adams Strunk. That’s who. Steve Under-his-mustache is representing the Titans while Amy hangs around and focuses on hiring a GM and searches for a new Head Coach. I like that. Who wants to go to a meeting with a bunch of rich boring people anyway? Also,cheap jerseys china, if you didn’t know,online jerseys, Shawn Jefferson won’t be coaching with the Titans next season.
Paul K lists out four scenarios for the Titans going forward. Personally I’m in favor of scenario numero uno. It just seems to make more sense to me to select your GM,cheap jerseys china, and then have said GM with you during your Head Coach search. It. Just. Makes. Sense.
ICYMI: Shawn Jefferson is coaching with the Dolphins next year.
Tre McBride wants to make an Impact on the team next year. He wants to matter and he wants to help. I would love to see him make an impact next year. He might just get his chance too now that Shawn Jefferson is gone.
Another player that wants to be a game changer: Da’Norris Searcy. I feel Searcy was very much one of those “under the radar” signings last offseason. I like his attitude. He has two goals next year,cheap jerseys, which he calls “The Two Ps (playoffs and Pro Bowl).” I would absolutely LOVE for him to make both of those goals happen.
Speaking of the Defense: Players are hoping they stick to the same defensive scheme they did last year under the new Head Coach. It may seem difficult to believe,wholesale jerseys free shipping, but the defense showed improvements in their second season in a 3-4 defense. One thng is for certain though: The WR core will have a new coach under the new Head Coach.相关的主题文章:

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