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By New Deal democratLately I’ve just been ignoring the Doomers. They’ve been so wrong for so long that it just isn’t worth the time to debunk their periodic Pastisches of Pessimism ™ in which they prove that they can string together a random assemblage of graphs going down. It isn’t perfect – no indicator is – but it almost always makes a peak and a trough,cheap barbour sale, respectively,cheap barbour coats, before the economy as a whole. Why is that?To simplify – actually oversimplifying some – investors in the stock market in the aggregate try to measure the near-term outlook for the profitability of the companies in which they trade. Notice in the graph that the crash brought profits and stock prices right back in line to their 1957 parity. Then for 10 years corporate profits boomed,discount barbour jackets, even more so than the stock market. This measures how much buyers of stock are willing to pay for a dollar of earnings (a good layperson’s comparison is to think of how much a home buyer is willing to pay per square foot of a house. The higher the price per square関連記事:

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